Downtown Tom’s Christmas – A Mini Musical

Downtown Tom, a turkey that ruled the sidewalks in Downtown Davis, became famous for making trouble for pedestrians and drivers. As a follow-up to the book about Tom, Downtown Tom’s Christmas – A Mini Musical explores Tom’s predicament of surviving the holiday season, a concern that all turkeys share.

Written and Directed by Krissy Schwerin.

12 thoughts on “Downtown Tom’s Christmas – A Mini Musical

  1. What a wonderful mini musical with an uplifting theme for the holidays!

  2. Loved it! The kids did a great job! What a great moral to teach!

  3. Congrats Krissy and the wonderful performers!

  4. So much fun to watch! What a treat! Thank you Krissy and all of the performers:-)

  5. What a sweet, fun, and well done musical! I can feel the love and hard work that went into it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just terrific!! We watched it twice. Smiling all the while. The performers made us all sheltering in place with Covid feel especially joyful. Looking forward to more and more of this great cast and inspiring director and lyricist…and all who made this happen.

  7. We loved it! The kids all did a great job.

  8. Truly amazing! Warms our hearts! Congrats Krissy and cast!

  9. Thanks to the kids for sharing their amazing voices and talent in this uplifting tribute to Downtown Tom . I especially appreciated Miller’s excellent performance as “Tom” and was happy that poetic license led to a seasonally-appropriate, happy ending.

  10. (Just noticed that the “time” of my 12/19/2020, 9:43 pm posting is shown incorrectly as being eight hours later. Not a big deal, but does add a level of intrigue to when other’s comments were actually made.)

  11. Amazing singing and acting by the cast! So much talent! Love the positive message! Krissy did you compose the music as well? Thanks for bringing cheer and community during these challenging times. Here’s to the power of creativity!

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